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Menang CemeHere’s what we can tell you about your favorite Lost lovers’ chances of hooking up again this season:

* Juliet & Sawyer: Going strong. Season five is Lost’s bizarroverse season, and Lost will devote a lot of screentime to the left-field pairing of Suliet through the end of the year.
* Juliet & Jack: Sorry Jacketeers, but at least in season five, these two are going nowhere fast.
* Sawyer & Kate: Over the next batch of eps, Sawyer and Kate get under each other’s skin, but probably don’t actually get into each other’s pants. (That’s OK, SkatersΓÇöthere’s always fanfic.)
* Jack & Kate: The series’ original couple always has each other’s backs. But do they make the beast with two backs again this season? Doubtful.
* Jin & Sun: Jun don’t reunite until closer to the finale, but that wedding we told you about? Word on the street is that it’s a flashback to the Kwon nuptials. Yay!

Source: E!Online