Some Finale Spoilers

Bandar CemeThanks to my source on the set, they have allowed me to post the following snippets from the recent filming. We’re hoping to be able to release some more spoilers shortly.

– There will be an assault against Dharma.
– They will attack the latest Dharma station that is under construction
– Rose, Bernard and Vincent will all be appearing in the finale
– Jack has some explosive plans which may lead to “The Incident”

Source: DarkUFO

More Snippets From The Set

Menang CemeMy source on the set has just allowed me to post the following snippets.

– Something goes horribly wrong with the construction of a Dharma station.
– A recent shoot might clue us into how Marvin Candle lost his arm.
– One death happens before the finale and one might occur during.

Source: DarkUFO