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We’ll see the four-toed statue from the front this season.
Ben will explain explicitly why he killed Locke.
Miles will reveal why Ben wanted $3.2 million this season.
Darlton apologise to Rebecca
Illana may not have been working for Charles Widemore
Whatever Happened, Happened contains Kate flashbacks
Carlton chooses: The Jupe, The Fifth Toe (they both love it, have it on their list), The Twinkie, The Droids You’re Looking For, The Zombie Bake Sale, Smokie’s Dorm Room, The Spanish Inquisition.
Damon chooses: Baby Diaper Covered in BBQ sauce, The Exploding Pretzel Jar, Jack Gets Pregnant (Damon says this happens), The Hooded Leprechaun (Damon’s favorite – he says that it reflects the tamat scene?), The Zygarnich? something? (you’ll have to wiki it).

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Co-EP Jean Higgins gives us a tour of set, pt. 2 of 2. (Whatever Happened, Happened airs 4/1/09)

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse tease Whatever Happened, Happened & narrow down the name of the secret scene in the finale

Small Snippet From Terry O’quinn

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Liler: hey terry, must say Locke is my fave character in LOST i’m a huge fan and i’m currently working on a youtube vid, recapping Locke’s story, should be done soon but anyway on to the question, in the recent episode Namaste Locke wasn’t shown during the crash of flight 316, had he already been ressurrected but not appeared in the episode or is there something else behind it? thanks

Terry O’Quinn: Something else
Source: The Fuselage

Getting Lost

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Back with a bang, it’s the latest entry in’s “Getting Lost” video series. This week, just hours after Sayid put a bullet in Young Ben, I spoke to 13-year-old Sterling Beaumon about his pivotal character’s fate. Is Ben dead? And regardless, are there ramifications for the castaways’ future? Give a listen to Beaumon’s take.

Also in this episode of Getting Lost:

ΓÇó Many of you have pointed out the conspicuous absence of one Dharma member. Find out if that MIA individual is returning anytime soon.
ΓÇó I’ve got your best theories as to why Sun and Ben crashed versus flashed.
ΓÇó And this week’s burning question comes with an added twist ΓÇö a tiny hint from Elizabeth Mitchell.

Source: TV Guide