Getting Lost

Menang CemeThanks to B3rt4 and NoOne for the heads up.

Back with a bang, it’s the latest entry in’s “Getting Lost” video series. This week, just hours after Sayid put a bullet in Young Ben, I spoke to 13-year-old Sterling Beaumon about his pivotal character’s fate. Is Ben dead? And regardless, are there ramifications for the castaways’ future? Give a listen to Beaumon’s take.

Also in this episode of Getting Lost:

ΓÇó Many of you have pointed out the conspicuous absence of one Dharma member. Find out if that MIA individual is returning anytime soon.
ΓÇó I’ve got your best theories as to why Sun and Ben crashed versus flashed.
ΓÇó And this week’s burning question comes with an added twist ΓÇö a tiny hint from Elizabeth Mitchell.

Source: TV Guide