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Namaste! In the mood to be Getting Lost again?

In this week’s video, Elizabeth Mitchell weighs in on how Juliet might react ΓÇö and to whom she might turn ΓÇö if Sawyer strays back to Kate.

Also, in the wake of Sun and Ben being assigned so unexpected a “tour guide,” we take a look at who/what the super-creepy Christian Shepherd is, exactly.

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Menang CemeHere’s what we can tell you about your favorite Lost lovers’ chances of hooking up again this season:

* Juliet & Sawyer: Going strong. Season five is Lost’s bizarroverse season, and Lost will devote a lot of screentime to the left-field pairing of Suliet through the end of the year.
* Juliet & Jack: Sorry Jacketeers, but at least in season five, these two are going nowhere fast.
* Sawyer & Kate: Over the next batch of eps, Sawyer and Kate get under each other’s skin, but probably don’t actually get into each other’s pants. (That’s OK, SkatersΓÇöthere’s always fanfic.)
* Jack & Kate: The series’ original couple always has each other’s backs. But do they make the beast with two backs again this season? Doubtful.
* Jin & Sun: Jun don’t reunite until closer to the finale, but that wedding we told you about? Word on the street is that it’s a flashback to the Kwon nuptials. Yay!

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Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to B3RT4 for the heads up.

I sure hope this doesn’t mean what I think it does: Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast in ABC’s eagerly anticipated V pilot.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking — that this confirms Juliet as the major character who gets bumped off at this season’s end? Yeah, I kinda thought you might be with me on that one.

However, my moles at ABC and Warner Bros. (which is producing V) say we need to chill, because Mitchell is just a guest star on V. But, however much I may want to chill, that’s pretty hard to do since everyone told me the same thing when tailie Cynthia Watros booked a pilot (and two months later, Libby was pushing up daisies).

So what do you think? Am I making much ado about nothing? Or is Juliet a goner? And in either case, how much cooler a project is V now that Mitchell’s attached? I’m thinking “way.” Your take below…

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Some Finale Spoilers

Bandar CemeThanks to my source on the set, they have allowed me to post the following snippets from the recent filming. We’re hoping to be able to release some more spoilers shortly.

– There will be an assault against Dharma.
– They will attack the latest Dharma station that is under construction
– Rose, Bernard and Vincent will all be appearing in the finale
– Jack has some explosive plans which may lead to “The Incident”

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File this under shamelessly unconfirmed rumors too juicy not to share…

A couple of Lost characters are getting married.

According to a Hawaii-based source, Lost is currently seeking extras to play guests at a wedding on Monday. And if you’re unaware, this is season-finale shooting time, give or take a few production days, so this wedding (if it happens) could very well be a key plot point, not just some throwaway background moment.

Lost weddings are few and far betweenΓÇöwe’ve seen Jack and Sarah’s (Julie Bowen) nuptials and the day Kate got hitched to Kevin Callis (Nathan Fillion)ΓÇöso we know that every such scene has major import for the series, right?

Who could be getting married? Is it Dharma lovers Juliet and Jim? Could Jack and Kate be unbreaking their engagement? Vote in our Lost Wedding Poll below and then post your theories in the comments!

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Official Abc Podcast And Video

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to Alison and others for the summary.

We’ll see the four-toed statue from the front this season.
Ben will explain explicitly why he killed Locke.
Miles will reveal why Ben wanted $3.2 million this season.
Darlton apologise to Rebecca
Illana may not have been working for Charles Widemore
Whatever Happened, Happened contains Kate flashbacks
Carlton chooses: The Jupe, The Fifth Toe (they both love it, have it on their list), The Twinkie, The Droids You’re Looking For, The Zombie Bake Sale, Smokie’s Dorm Room, The Spanish Inquisition.
Damon chooses: Baby Diaper Covered in BBQ sauce, The Exploding Pretzel Jar, Jack Gets Pregnant (Damon says this happens), The Hooded Leprechaun (Damon’s favorite – he says that it reflects the tamat scene?), The Zygarnich? something? (you’ll have to wiki it).

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Co-EP Jean Higgins gives us a tour of set, pt. 2 of 2. (Whatever Happened, Happened airs 4/1/09)

Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse tease Whatever Happened, Happened & narrow down the name of the secret scene in the finale

Small Snippet From Terry O’quinn

Menang CemeThanks to Thirty-Fiver for the heads up on this small post from Terry O’Quinn.

Liler: hey terry, must say Locke is my fave character in LOST i’m a huge fan and i’m currently working on a youtube vid, recapping Locke’s story, should be done soon but anyway on to the question, in the recent episode Namaste Locke wasn’t shown during the crash of flight 316, had he already been ressurrected but not appeared in the episode or is there something else behind it? thanks

Terry O’Quinn: Something else
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